Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be!

Hear that sound? It's the sound rushing out of the Liberal balloon as it flutters around bouncing off of walls and falling to the ground, deflated. 
Do the young bucks and other sideswipe practitioners in the party (hmmph!, some party, ed.) really think that we have the luxury of turning away anyone, anyone at all in this stage of our history?  For it is history we surely shall be, if we keep this up. You think we're the big prize?
Somewhere, someone on TV, probably a political show host, commentator or pundit is going to talk about Bobs Rae's declining a run for the permanent leadership as a game changer.  Well the problem isn't game changing. It's game playing.  This isn't a game. It's not about the smartest person in the room or control anymore.
It's like there's a big gong banging away out there every time someone warns us to not get so wrapped up in leadership before building something relevant enough for someone to want to lead, so we are deaf to the warnings.  The Party's got to do that itself.   The Party's got to build something that is Leader-worthy frankly. No Leader is going to be able to drag it along - not in today's political climate.
We don't need these game player types anymore, regardless of their youth, their novelty, their opportunism.  They are not good philosophical Liberals and these are the people who should be shunned.
Ultimately, we will need to choose a leader, not a character set.


  1. The Liberal Party needs to do more than select a leader. It needs to engage people and encourage involvement in party's building. I'm a thirty-something professional card-carrying Liberal in Etobicoke-Centre and the only engagement I am getting is to open up my cheque-book. It's insulting.

    The only reason I am remotely interested in maintaining my Liberal Party membership is because of these "game-player types with their novelty and opportunism." These "youth" occasionally have something interesting to say and offer some glimmer of hope, unlike the old guard who can't be resuscitated.

  2. Well, Anon 12:13 I agree completely...and I suggest we are not talking about the same "youth" and game-player types.

  3. Political wilderness is so distressing.
    We did it to ourselves and nothing will change for a long, long time.
    Say goodnight and the last Liberal to leave - turn out the lights.

  4. Canadian values have not changed... the party just doesn't reflect them anymore. When policy reflects public sentiment, players become leaders. When policy loses direction, leaders become losers.

    Don't tell me who the Liberal party is...
    Tell me what the Liberal party is.

    1. I tend to agree. Policy is ultimately going to get us where we need to be, but not the taxpayer seeking missile type stuff.

  5. You both are right,should we give up now and feel hopeless! I am not ready to give up, I am going fight until the end. We are Liberals no matter what happens, we must remain true to our believes. We are just going through a rough path now. Do not give up because of the bad methods applied, if cannot find your way in the party force your way, reach out those who seat in Parliament. I felt like both of a year ago, and now I am fully involved trying to make a difference.If we give up and let the party down we allow Stven Harper to win.