Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"A close mouth catches no flies."

Okay, well I've used that quotation before, but it just seems to fit. I've been dark for almost a year now. There were reasons. One of the more appealing ones was loyalty. Well, loyalty and tradition, I guess: You don't, er, um, defecate on your own Party, especially when you're a committed, known partisan. And I was in that sort of mood waay too often back then. But more and more recently, as I've observed along with the rest of the Canadian electorate, diminished by choice as it seems to be, I've come to feel that my loyalty to the Liberal Party of Canada is exactly that - a loyalty more (to be fair) to the ideals I think I share with some other activists (thinkers and doers, some like to call them) than to the concept of "party" that exists on Parliament Hill and most certainly than to the personalities who do not simply purport to "run" it, but to "be" it.

If I am a bad little Liberal in the eyes of some from time-to-time so be it. I am claiming the courage of so many others and speaking my mind. Right or wrong. And I am not so foolish as to think I won't be wrong more than I am right. But I've got some stretch in this game and right now, today, in 2010, I'm not an altogether contented bear (or bunny, bear is kind of male - but, hmmm, bunny ain't about to work either is it? anyone have a more gender-neutral animal analogy? would chicken work?). I promise, I will do my best to speak only for myself, unless otherwise authorized.

All that said, beating up on LPC is NOT an impetus for the resurrection of Tilting of Windmills at this time. Other goings on just a few short clicks north of me definitely are.


  1. Do you mean "A closed mouth catches no flies"?

  2. Well, yes and no. It's a quote from Don Quixote (obviously) which was not, as you might also know, originally written in English. The book has been translated and interpreted many times and has produced some of the best known quotations/sayings(in English)ever. If you research you will likely find this quotation written using "close" most often, but you are correct it means "closed".